When you study at Oregon Tech, your campus isn’t just in Oregon. It is Oregon. From 克拉马斯福尔斯 to Portland, our students embrace all that the state has to offer—including the open air of the expansive outdoors, the allure of the mountains and rivers, and local arts and culture that beckon outside our campuses. Lifelong Oregonians and transplants alike embed themselves in unique communities that offer hiking and camping, arts & culture, research, volunteer opportunities, and fun.

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大学和社区,包括当地企业,诊所,政府机构和公民之间结下了债券组,进一步通过我们的学生与这些组织的研究和志愿者工作得到加强。学生找给回,和地方组织寻求的学生志愿者,鼓励接触 志愿者猫头鹰 在校园生活。